Get Help With the Do’s and Don’ts of Pioneer Careers

Video Tutorial Laptop

You’ve seen the announcements and the posts about our exciting new platform for Pioneer Careers.  Still need some help in learning how to use it? We’ve created 4 short videos to help you maximize the useful tools in Pioneer Careers:

Searching for …

By Mary Michael Hawkins
Mary Michael Hawkins Director of the Career Center
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Top 6 Benefits of Blogging for Students’ Future Career


A lot of students begin a blog while in college. Usually, they focus on their major fields of study. The goal? To impress potential employers when they apply for their first career positions. Once they are out of school and …

By Neighthan White
Neighthan White volunteer
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When it’s time to ask for a raise

Increase your savings

Asking for a raise certainly falls into the category of things outside the comfort zone: it may be weird, difficult, and intimidating. Addressing a boss for a salary inquiry has always been one of the things that employees fear because, …

By Kate Funk
Kate Funk
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Cooking Up Job Satisfaction


As a college student, especially those close to graduation, there is a lot of pressure to get a job. People are always asking, “Have you found a job?”, “What are you doing after graduation?” or “How is the job search?” …

By Tyler Till
Tyler Till
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Avoid these Words in your Resume


Getting your resume right is the most critical step of getting the job you’re targeting. It gives a detailed information not only about your educational and professional but also about your personality, which is the reason why several job aspirants …

By Adela Belin
Adela Belin Marketing Specialist
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How to Make Networking Work for You


There are people who would rather have a tooth pulled than go to a networking event. The idea of being in a room full of strangers, having to start a conversation and then gracefully exit when appropriate is daunting for …

By Hannah Tall
Hannah Tall Regional Recruitment Manager
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An Evening with Arrow Electronics!

Arrow Electronics logo

Are you interested in building a relationship with one of Denver’s top companies and leading employer? Looking to engage in an opportunity to connect with top executives (CIO and others) and learn more about an immersive summer internship program? Then …

By Bella Gullia
Bella Gullia Graduate Fellow, Career Services
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Ask a Career Coach: Help! I’m Not Getting Interviews, But I’m Doing Everything Right


Dear Kyle,

I’m stuck in what I would say is a “rut.” I’ve been employed at my current position for a little over eight years and am sort of stuck. There’s no chance of advancement. I’m bored and know that …

By The Daily Muse
The Muse
Expert advice to answer your career questions
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