Do Benefits Matter?


Do benefits really matter? The answer to that question isn’t as simple as you think.  Let’s say you’ve found a rockin’ position with the perfect firm at a salary that allows you to meet your financial obligations.  You can make …

By Ronie Kononova
Ronie Kononova
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LinkedIn Summary Made Easy


Your LinkedIn profile should always include a summary! This is the first thing on your profile and is extremely important as you build your network. It is your digital first impression. Your summary should allow your true, professional self to …

By Ronie Kononova
Ronie Kononova
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New and Improved Pioneer Careers


We are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of the new and improved Pioneer Careers website. Pioneer Careers is the University-wide career services platform that connects leading employers around the country with Pioneer talent. This change brings together students and …

By Maria Kuntz
Maria Kuntz Marketing and Events Manager
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Creating A Video Cover Letter That Will Get You Into the College of Your Dreams


You’ve found your dream school.

It’s got the perfect campus, an incredible student body, awesome location, and tremendous academic programs that match what you’re looking for.  But applying to college is serious business, and if you’re eyeing the ultimate college …

By Luisa
Luisa Blogger
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5 Most Confused Question On the First Interview for Students


Confusing questions, it has always been and will always be a challenge for new job seekers who just graduated from college. No one knows what the job interview awaits them but most graduates think that what they have learned from …

By Pat Fredshaw
Pat Fredshaw content manager
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From the Experts: What it Takes to Be a Successful Engineer


Do you like snowboarding? Movies with great special effects? Theme parks? Well, all of these activities – and many more exist thanks to one profession: engineering.

In addition to recreational activities, engineers are also responsible for ensuring the safe construction …

By Christine Kilbride
Christine Kilbride Marketing Associate
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First Years! Score a backstage pass to the career fair!


Career fairs can be a bit overwhelming, so we have a created a unique opportunity for first-year students to gain insight on what to expect at their first fair.

You may not be searching for an internship or job just …

By Tyler Till
Tyler Till
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