Distracted Job Searching

Are you headed for a Career Crash?

I often use driving a car to illustrate the job search process with candidates.  Let’s imagine your career is a coast to coast road trip.  There are many stops along the way; some …

By Kimberly Lucas
Kimberly Lucas Chief People Connector
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Out or Not: 6 Strategies for LGBTQI Job-Seekers

 How a student identifies can definitely influence the job search strategy. The student may decide to target LGBTQ-friendly companies or choose an environment that may or may not be as open. The Human Rights Campaign website (www.hrc.org) is …

By Sue Hinkin
Sue Hinkin Executive Director of Career Services Sue Hinkin
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Fewer, But Better Job Opportunities Await New Grads.

According to Simply Hired, fewer, but better job opportunities await new grads. Approximately 5% of job openings are targeted to new graduates (2015)*

The good news: more of these positions are the full-time jobs that students (and parents) covet. …

By lacey klein
lacey klein
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Internships: 5 Tips To Career Success

Internships are not just a good idea, they are critical to your career success. In a recent survey by Internmatch.com of over 9,000 students across the US, 97.6% of those who had done internships recommended them to other students.

Here …

By Patricia Hickman
Patricia Hickman Patricia Hickman
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Take Advantage of Your Special Access to Career Insider/Vault!

Career Insider/Vault provides in-depth intelligence on what it’s really like to work in an industry, company or profession—and how to position yourself to land a job or internship. One of the best features on Career Insider is the Vault Employer …

By Helena Karchere
Helena Karchere Career Services Marketing and Events Manager Helena Karchere
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Do These 6 Things Now to Thrive After Graduation!

What experiences in college make someone more likely to thrive in career and life after graduation? In 2014, Purdue University, Gallup and the Lumina Foundation conducted massive research of recent college graduates to answer that exact question.

Not surprisingly, having …

By Heidi Perman
Heidi Perman Assistant Director of the University Career Center Heidi Perman
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Alumni Spotlight: Meghan Willeke Shares Her Advice for Career Success

After graduating from the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business with a Bachelor and Master degree in Accounting, I took the ever popular path and entered into the world of public accounting. I worked two “busy seasons” before leaving …

By Meghan Willeke
Meghan Willeke Solutions Architect
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5 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Dissertation Research Topics

Do you have to start working on dissertation now? Have you decided what will you be writing about? Well, if you haven’t decided yet, that’s not a surprise at all because choosing a good topic is one of the most …

By Katherinebrunt
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