Join DU City Treks to Chicago and Dallas in December!


Make the most of your winter break – join City Treks in Dallas or Chicago.  City Treks are signature University Career Services trips that connect students directly with top employers outside the Rocky Mountain Region.  This December dine with the CEO of …

By Sue Hinkin
Sue Hinkin Executive Director of Career Services Sue Hinkin
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Begin your Job Search over Winter Break


Everyone is looking forward to the free time that comes with winter break. Finally, 6 whole weeks without homework, studying and classes. You should absolutely take some time to binge watch Netflix, and spend quality time with family. However you can …

By Tyler Till
Tyler Till
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Jump-Start Your Business Data & Technology Career with an Arrow Advantage Internship

Arrow 11a – Copy

Arrow Electronics, Denver’s only Fortune 150 company, is not a household name like Apple or Google but it should be! Their technology has touched everything from your ear buds to the space shuttle.

Last year, 20% of Arrow Electronics’ …

By Sue Hinkin
Sue Hinkin Executive Director of Career Services Sue Hinkin
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Stressed About Finals? 5 Self-Care Survival Tips for Students

don’t stres out

Not having been a student for YEARS makes me forget how it feels to start dreading finals, until I see the look on our student workers’ faces in the office. All these YEARS of experience (I’m old) have helped me learn …

By Guest
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Top Ways DU Grads Find Jobs

How Grads Find Jobs-HP

What are the most effective job search strategies for DU graduates? According to data collected from 2014 grads, the top two strategies include networking with personal and professional contacts followed by directly applying to target organizations. With that in mind, …

By Heidi Perman
Heidi Perman Assistant Director of the University Career Center Heidi Perman
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Thinking about working at a Startup? Pay Attention.

Thinking about working at a Startup? Pay Attention. thumbnail image

Working at a Startup

Unanimously hailed as the cradle of invention and innovation in 21st century America, startup fever has gripped the nation. From Silicon Valley (San Francisco) to Silicon Alley (New York), the brightest minds compete to work for …

By Phil Strazzulla
Phil Strazzulla Founder & CEO Phil Strazzulla
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