Find a Job in Sales this Thursday at the United Career Fair in Denver

Summer is the perfect time to network with potential employers, and apply for internships and jobs. Here is a career fair off-campus sponsored by United Career Fairs that will offer opportunities to talk with employers about positions in sales and sales management:

No fee to attend
Bring at least 15 copies of your updated resume
Dress for a professional interview and have a positive attitude
We’ll welcome you with a brief orientation to explain how the event works.
The companies will … Read more »

Posted by Helena Karchere
Helena Karchere Career Services Marketing and Events Manager Helena Karchere
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To Accept, or Not to Accept?

There is not a “right” way to go about handling multiple potential job offers. However, there are several guidelines you should ALWAYS follow in this type of situation. Be sure to speak with a Career Counselor to discuss your unique situation and how best to handle it!

Factors to consider in the final stages of the hiring process:

Are you feeling pressure from outside sources?

o   Parents, professors, friends, society

How did you become connected to this employer?

o   If … Read more »

Posted by Antonia Gabrielli
Antonia Gabrielli Career Counselor
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“Work’s a Beach” at Lakeshore Talent Community

Are you a recent college graduate who’s not quite sure what career path you’d like to take?  The team at Lakeshore, a “candidates first” talent acquisition firm, just might have the answer!   Several DU Employer Services representatives met with Lindsay Hay and Julie Watteir from Lakeshore to talk about the launch of their new FLEX Program (Full Time Learning & Exploration), a program that allows you to explore a variety of companies until you identify your strengths, industries you connect with and … Read more »

Posted by Tina Stack Oldweiler
Tina Stack Oldweiler Employer Relations Manager
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Find Career Satisfaction through Planned Happenstance

“We do not always need a plan to create a career. Instead, we need a plan to act on happenstance – to transform unplanned events into career opportunity.”

–From “In praise of uncertainty” by Kathleen Mitchell, October 25, 1998 (SF Examiner).

The concept of “planned happenstance” first addressed by Mitchell, Levin and Krumboltz has always been a philosophy in how I have approached working with clients with indecision around their careers and direction. My take on this concept is that … Read more »

Posted by Pat O'Keefe
Pat O'Keefe Assistant Director Pat O'Keefe
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An Archaeological Dig: Identify Your Motivated Skills for Career Choice

Do you know what motivates you and moves you? Does it matter whether you choose a career in which you feel totally engaged and in the flow—maybe where you lose track of time? Definitely! You are more likely to be satisfied and successful in a job when you align yourself with roles that connect to your motivated skills. There is a lot of pressure to pick a career and figure out what you’re going to do with your lives post-graduation. … Read more »

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Make it easy for the employer to pick you!

You know that reinforcement makes information stick in your memory – that’s why you take notes during class and then study your notes repeatedly (reinforcement) to get a good grade. Use the same technique in your job search! Reinforce in the employer’s mind the relevance of your education, experience (including transferable skills) and character (including your attitude and personal qualities), as well as the results you will deliver. You can be memorable!

When your interesting cover letter and resume … Read more »

Posted by John Haag
John Haag Internship Director and Career Counselor John Haag
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8 Students Awarded Summer Internship Award!

There were seventeen student applicants for the Summer Internship Award offered by the University Career Center. Eight were awarded $2,500 for working 200 hours or more at an unpaid internship this summer. The money helps students pay for housing, food, transportation, etc. while helping an organization and learning more about their area of study/career path.

We look forward to hearing about their experiences, and will feature them on our blog when they return. Check out some inspiring stories and photos … Read more »

Posted by Helena Karchere
Helena Karchere Career Services Marketing and Events Manager Helena Karchere
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Meet your new Non-profit and Government Employer Wednesday April 23!

Whether you are a current student or alum, and no matter what you have studied, there are great opportunities waiting for you at DU’s Spring Non-profit and Government Career and Internship Fair next Wednesday April 23. Join us anytime from 2-5pm at Gates Field House to talk with employers about volunteer, internship, and full-time positions.

Find out how to best prepare for the Fair here! And if you need free, lightly-used dry cleaned clothes to wear come to Driscoll … Read more »

Posted by Helena Karchere
Helena Karchere Career Services Marketing and Events Manager Helena Karchere
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Are You Job Searching? You Are Wasting Your Time If…

Let’s face it, searching for a job is hard! It takes more time than you think, pushes most people outside of their comfort zone and utilizes skills that may not come naturally. However, if you see yourself in any one or more of these items below, it is likely that your job search is going to take you longer than it should. Why make it any more difficult?

You are wasting your time if…

You rely primarily on applying through … Read more »

Posted by MaryMichael Hawkins
MaryMichael Hawkins Director of the Career Center MaryMichael Hawkins
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Jump on this AMAZING summer opportunity and get published in USA TODAY!

USA TODAY is looking for Collegiate Correspondents for Summer 2014 


This resume-building opportunity is available to all registered students of any major.  Collegiate Correspondents work with reporters, editors, and

editorial staff to submit one story per week.  Stories are eligible for publication on,, and in the USA TODAY print newspaper.  Collegiate correspondent stories have appeared on the front page of USA TODAY!

Summer 2014 Semester Registration, Round One:  March 30 – April 5. 

Find out more and register … Read more »

Posted by Helena Karchere
Helena Karchere Career Services Marketing and Events Manager Helena Karchere
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