Job Offers: 6 Things to Consider

job offers

Congratulations!!! You have a job offer.

Now what?

Job offers are exciting. You may have been through a grueling process and dozens of interviews before this offer arrived. But don’t accept it too quickly. Take some time to reflect and to …

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Employers’ Biggest Complaint Regarding DU Student Resumes

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In August, the Career Services surveyed employers to understand how they rate our students in a variety of skill areas. In regard to resumes, we noted an interesting theme. While, students’ resumes were well written and highly rated, employers repeatedly mentioned one necessary improvement : Students …

By Heidi Perman
Heidi Perman Assistant Director of the University Career Center Heidi Perman
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How to Make Your Career Plan after Graduation


There are two options in terms of work when you’re done with school. You can start a job or launch a career. The difference? It’s quite straight forward. The former is all about making some money now, while the latter …

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