School’s out Forever: Finding the full-time job that’s right for you

A guest post by Corinne Shalvoy, Staffing Consultant for Level 3 Communications

“Back to School” is on many of our minds, at the moment. Whether you have toddlers or teenagers (or no kids at all), one cannot escape the slew …

By Corinne Shalvoy
Corinne Shalvoy Staffing Consultant
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Just Do It! DU Career Services visits Nike World Headquarters

Just Do It!  And we did….DU Career Services recently traveled to Portland, OR to visit the Nike World Headquarters and learn more about Nike’s robust and engaging summer internship program called “Nike Ignite”.  The program is a 12 …

By Jane Mall
Jane Mall Employer Relations Director of Career Services Jane Mall
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Networking – blah, blah blah! What is it really?

Networking – blah, blah blah! (Anyone want to hang out instead? That sounds like more fun!)

You’ve probably heard ‘you should network’ from your parents, your teachers, and old Uncle Charlie in Chicago (They probably smile wisely when they tell …

By John Haag
John Haag Internship Director and Career Counselor John Haag
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Employer Tips: Answering Tough Interview Questions – Strengths and Weaknesses

An employer guest post from Kimberly Lucas, President/Chief People Connector at Goldstone Partners, Inc.

At Goldstone Partners, Inc. we get to help people with their careers everyday – encouraging, coaching, preparing and nagging. I thought you might like some help getting ready for …

By Kimberly Lucas
Kimberly Lucas President/Chief People Connector
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Internship Insights: Nika Girenko Jump-Starts Her Medical Career

Interview with Nika Girenko, majors in biology and psychology and minor in chemistry, Class of 2014
Intern with MedAdvance

Tell us about your internship. What is your role there?

Our facility is a cadaver lab and many organizations rent out our …

By Helena Karchere
Helena Karchere Career Services Marketing and Events Manager Helena Karchere
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Making a Strong Introduction

The best way to guarantee a company remembers you (in a good way) is to make a strong introduction when you arrive. You will never get back a first impression and the last thing you want to do is blend …

By Alexandra Petrini
Alexandra Petrini
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How To Find a Part-Time Job as a Student

Many DU students choose to work while taking classes.  While some students are pursuing internships related to their majors, others are looking for a part-time job to earn some extra cash.

Jobs and internships can be a great opportunity to …

By Lindsey Day
Lindsey Day Alumni Career Counselor Lindsey Day
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Join DaVita for a Lunch – n – Learn, September 23

DaVita Healthcare Partners is an innovative company providing both kidney dialysis services and population health management to patients around the world.  Every year we attract high-caliber talent from the top undergraduate programs to join our Redwoods Analyst Development Program.  The …

By Kendra Hemminghaus
Kendra Hemminghaus
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Seeking a Job in Colorado? These Virtual Career Fairs Offer Opportunity.

Every year almost 75% of DU students and graduates report wanting to settle in Colorado and work on the Front Range (Colorado Springs to Ft. Collins). If you are among these folks seeking to stay in this great state, the …

By Sue Hinkin
Sue Hinkin Executive Director of Career Services
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Leveraging DU’s Clubs and Organizations for Professional Development

How do you set yourself apart from other candidates? One of the biggest dilemmas with gaining a competitive advantage in the job and internship market is having a robust resume with transferable skills. It is not enough to simply graduate …

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